When I was young, I thought I wasn't very creative. I didn’t draw or doodle a lot during primary school, even though most of my friends did. We used to have drawing classes with different materials and homework.

The materials and technique more or less looked like this to me:

I managed to do just enough to get by the classes, and I didn’t enjoy the classes at all. My friends were excellent sketchers, and they were capable of drawing a good picture of people, actors, etc.

I had one moment, when I found out, I could draw. During one rainy evening, I was agitated with numerous things happening and had no way to distract my mind with something like games, movies, etc. I found some pencil colors in my desk drawer. I thought, I should just play tic-tac-toe with myself or doodle something. Suddenly, I remembered that I had a storybook containing multiple stories and exceptional art illustrations that was gifted to me years ago. I decided to give it some effort and try to draw it as it is from the book. I selected a drawing and meticulously examined its contours, shading, perspective, facial expressions, and other pertinent details. Moreover, I was familiar with monochrome art and opted to depict it by using a single color. I don't understand why I did it that way, but I went with what my heart wanted back then.

I started drawing slowly, taking my time and having no desire to show it to someone or get it done with. Moreover, I really liked drawing it and worked on it for two hours, even though it only felt like half an hour. Just as I was able to complete the drawing, my sibling came to my room and saw the art I was making, she was surprised with the art that I made. She praised me and showed it to everyone around. That moment felt magical as, I enjoyed the whole process and final art.

I then realized that I am a creative person who liked drawing, but the way I was taught was not effective. Subsequently, I started drawing whenever I wanted to or when I was stressed out.

Not to show anyone, not to win prizes, not to challenge myself, or to make money.

Just to enjoy it and allow art to take shape from my mind onto the paper.